On demand aerial intelligence for Colorado industry.
Our team creates precise aerial maps and 3D models for properties in Colorado.

FlatDroneMaps is an all-in-one service for refined aerial maps and 3D models.

We capture high-resolution aerial photos and transform them into maps and 3D models of properties. Leverage the latest in mapping technology for cost-effective insights: no longer rely on outdated satellite photos and expensive property surveys.

1 – Collection
Our FAA certified pilots photograph your property during a scheduled window.
2 – Computation
After capture, we generate high resolution maps, 3D models, and more.
3 – Application
Take advantage of detailed aerial images and 3D models.
What You Can Do With FlatDroneMaps
Improve accuracy, productivity, margins, and more

Save time and money by relying on a comprehensive solution for mapping. Make confident decisions with reliable and up-to-date inspections. Get snapshots of your property faster than ever before.

Our Industries

Precise overviews, inspections, and insights

Perform virtual inspections, extract elevation data, and measure distances with accurate orthographic maps. Utilize contour maps and 3D point clouds for planning and evaluation.


Leverage drone data to move even faster

We make it as easy as possible to take advantage of cutting-edge technologies at an affordable price. Use drone maps to win clients, better collaborate with team members, and efficiently work with contractors.

Our Process

A turnkey solution

From image capture to file delivery, we take care of it all. Get accurate maps at the press of a button, and get weekly, monthly, or quarterly updates of your area of interest.

Fast, reliable, and powerful — just like you

FlatDroneMaps uses state of the art hardware and software to give our clients a comprehensive solution for aerial analytics. Garner sophisticated results and insights from our deliverables.

Integrate with your existing workflow

With each map, export 2D orthomosaics, algorithmically enhanced 3D point clouds, photorealistic 3D meshes, topographical contour maps, and more. Load your files into third-party CAD software or use our web-based application for measurement and analysis.





Elevation and Contour

100% Customer Satisfaction

We put your needs first. If we don't meet expectations, we'll provide you with a brand new map in under 24 hours.

Sub-centimeter accuracy

We use GPS ground control points for applications that demand precision.

Safe & FAA Compliant

All of our pilots are FAA certified small UAS airmen. With every flight, we follow a rigorous safety protocol that ensures the safety of your property.

$1 million of coverage

Unexpected events can and do happen. That's why we're insured with $1 million of protection for every flight and every client.

Get a map within 48 hours
Talk with our team and schedule your first flight. We'll provide you with a precise map and access to our 24/7 customer support.