Our Process
Hey, I'm Ryan. The founder of FlatDroneMaps.

Seven years ago I fell in love with RC aircraft. I'll never forget my first flight: an RC helicopter, my Christmas gift that year, took its maiden voyage in my bedroom. That first copter stuck with me for months, accompanying me on journeys throughout my house, often successful in pestering and annoying my parents. That is until one day I decided it would be a wise idea to try and fly it outside. One strong gust of wind later, with the broken pieces of my helicopter in hand, I paused and thought. I knew then that my journey had just begun.

Working with construction and landscape management companies around the Front Range, I came across the distinct lack of up-to-date, high quality, accessible imagery. Construction as-builts and insurance claims relied on years old, poorly captured satellite photos from another era. The alternative — expensive enterprise drone solutions with extreme costs — was predatory and unsustainable.

That's why I founded FlatDroneMaps. Providing high quality aerial images to small and medium sized businesses in Colorado is our passion — and we're proud to help more and more businesses every day. Our team is focused on providing the best product for you, and we pride ourselves on delighting every one of our new customers.

All of us at FlatDroneMaps look forward to working with you.

RYAN SHEA, CEO of FlatDroneMaps
our four step process

The Steps

1) Collection
Our FAA certified pilots photograph your property during a scheduled window. We'll coordinate with any parties to get permission to fly.
2) Processing
Once we capture your images, we load them into our bespoke compute platform, where our algorithms generate maps, 3D models, and more.
3) Delivery
You'll receive an email when your map is ready. From our web platform, download over 10 different file formats.
4) Insights
After delivery, leverage the power of fast, actionable data. We offer 24 hour email and phone support to all of our clients – if you need help with your map, we're there.
Get a map within 48 hours
Talk with our team and schedule your first flight. We'll provide you with a precise map and access to our 24/7 customer support.