Aerial intelligence for construction and surveying

Order accurate, high resolution drone maps, 3D models, and more with FlatDroneMaps.

Orthographic drone maps helps keep projects on track. Make better decisions with drone maps and periodic project updates.
2D and 3D As-Built Data, Construction Monitoring, Project Planning, 3D Maps and Models, Topos, Visual Records, Infrastructure Inspection

For construction reporting, permit compliance, and intelligence at the local to federal level, FlatDroneMaps enables detailed documentation while helping to control costs. Large work zones can be accessed quickly with detailed maps and models providing careful overviews. Periodic construction updates provide up-to-date information for project managers and important decision makers.

Track, map, survey, inspect, and manage your worksite projects. Get periodic aerial updates of the as-built progress in 2D and 3D to compare against the design and timeline. Visualize and measure onsite changes and use data for efficient project execution. Identify errors early, keep up with deadlines, and prevent losses.

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