Real Estate and Residential
Aerial intelligence for land and residential properties

Order accurate, high resolution drone maps, 3D models, and more with FlatDroneMaps.

Leverage aerial maps and 3D models for real estate and residential properties.
use cases
Insurance, Landscape and Exterior Design, Real Estate, Asset Evaluation, Land Survey, Elevation Maps, Hail Damage Records, ILC Augmentation

Create high resolution property overviews, contour maps, and 3D models for land and residential properties. Save time and money by utilizing detailed overviews for personal or real estate use. Assess, analyze, and explain the intricacies of a property through quality orthomosaic maps and 3D models. Calculate distances, overlay property lines, and measure square footage. Work with contractors and develop detailed plans with the use of 2D and 3D property views.

For mountain properties, large lots of land, or mixed use real estate, get closer to a deal by saving your client's time. Rather than wasting your client's valuable time on land walkthroughs, communicate the essentials with maps and contour models. Present opportunities with 3D portraits and 2D maps instead of outdated photos or expensive surveys.

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